Possible Replacements Should Liverpool Sell Lucas Leiva

Lucas Leiva has been with Liverpool for almost 8 years now, and it is fairly surprising to see a player of his calibre to stay with the club for this long despite lack of silverware. The defensive midfielder is wanted by most of the clubs in the world and this time it seems that Leiva will look forward to greener pastures. Here’s a look at the top 5 players who might be fit to replace the Brazilian if at all he leaves Anfield.

Ignacio Camacho

The 25-year-old Spaniard who currently plays for La Liga side Malaga can be a great asset to the Reds if at all he wishes to play in the Premier League. Camacho comes across as a very experienced player as he has played with Spanish side Atletico Madrid and to top it all his father and brother also have a footballing background.

Gary Medel

The Chilean footballer who plays for Italian club Inter Milan might be another choice for Brendan Rodgers to replace Leiva. Medel’s physicality and the attitude to take the attacker head-on will be something to watch out for if he comes to England. This wouldn’t be his first stint with an English club as he has also played with Cardiff City in the past, so he is well aware of the pressure that comes along while playing in the Premier League.

Victor Wanyama

Liverpool and Southampton have great relations when it comes to transfers. But will Southampton be ready to let go of a player like Victor Wanyama?. Rodgers is definitely keeping an eye on the Kenyan as he looks forward to pairing him up with Emre Can at Anfield. Will the two clubs maintain their good relation at the transfer market is something we need to wait and see?

Maxime Gonalons

The 26-year-old who is soaring heights in terms of success at Ligue 1 side Lyon would be the answer for Rodgers to replace Leiva. He is considered to be the spine of the midfield as he can play and adapt to any midfield position and make the play at midfield revolve around him.

Allan Marques

The Brazilian who plays for Italian club Udinese is said to have a really high work-rate, which is extremely essential for the Premier League, as well as he possesses defensive and attacking capabilities. He is considered to be known as a complete player as he makes a crucial tackle look so easy and provides passes that can create fear in the minds of the opposition defence.

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