Five Facts About Nathaniel Clyne

5. Began his career as a striker

Now, does this sound surprising? Well it is quite odd to know that someone who plays as a right back actually started his career as a striker. Clyne says he always wanted to play as a striker and did so in his early days but as years progressed he began to fall back to get the ball. He was also quite good at tackling which increased his prospective of playing as a full back for the rest of his career. For Liverpool, this is great news because what they need is someone who can play good attacking football down the wing.

4. Has a tattoo of the Stockwell tube station

Clyne is proud to be born in stockwell and he showcased his affection for his birthplace by getting a tattoo of the tube station on his arm. He also has the Big Ben, a phone box and the London eye to add to that. It is quite unusual to get such a tattoo but yes this is something not many people are aware of. Also there is a tattoo of a little child with a football who Clyne says is a picture of himself when he was a toddler.

3. Gave Trials at Tottenham Hotspurs and Arsenal FC

At the age of 10 Clyne gave a trial with Arsenal FC prior to which he played at Afawee Academy. Clyne did impress the gooners by scoring 4 times but the club was not keen to retain him. Later on he had a brief spell with Spurs but did not take it further because he wasn’t ready to travel to North London so ended up joining Crystal Palace instead.

2. He was almost sold to Wolves by Crystal Palace

For an amount of 2 million pounds, Crystal Palace had tried to sell Clyne to wolves back in 2010. However Clyne did not feel the same way and rejected the deal. He later registered 139 games for the Eagles’ before making a move to the Saints.

1. Jamie Carragher played a vital role in his signing for Liverpool

Carragher told Clyne to join Liverpool and told him it would be the right choice to make if he does so. Taking the advice of the Anfield Legend, Clyne decided to join the reds. Just one of the many things Jamie has done for the club. If Clyne does come out on top, LFC fans know whom to thank first.

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