Philippe Coutinho’s 5 Best Assists For Liverpool FC

5) Assist for Stewart Downing against Wigan (02-03-2013)

The Brazilian international made two assists in the opening 18 minutes for Liverpool at the DW Stadium but the first precise pass into the box for Stewart Downing was simply fantastic. 

4) Assist for Raheem Sterling against West Ham (31-01-2013)

On the number 9 spot is Coutinho’s wonder ball for Raheem Sterling at the weekend against West Ham at Anfield. Having tough time for Liverpool to tear apart the West Ham defense, the little magician made the lethal pass for the Reds young ace Sterling to open the scoring. Even though he had a split-second to make the decision, he managed to supply one of the best assists so far for the reds No.31. 

3) Assist for Jordan Henderson against Aston Villa (31-01-2013) 

This goal was all about Coutinho, as he ran through the left flank. The Villa defense was literally dissolved by the Reds No.10  as he searched for the gap. Henderson made a quick run forward and a super pass was supplied for the Vice captain to turn home. 

2) Assist for Daniel Sturridge against Borussia Dortmund (10-08-2014) 

Even though it was a friendly match, but we couldn’t abandon it. It all started when Dejan Lovren discharged a powerful pass into his feet and the Reds No.10 quickly used his magical technique to give the sublime pass for Sturridge, who scored the opening goal for the Reds.

1) Assist for Daniel Sturridge against Arsenal (08-02-2014)

Never to forget this was one of the best game for the Reds as they defeated Arsenal 5-1 at Anfield. Liverpool and Arsenal supporters were still in shock after watching three goals being scored by the Reds in 16 minutes. It was the matter of time when Liverpool made it 4-0, when Coutinho made an intelligent and quick pass through the Gunner’s defense and into the track of Sturridge. He quickly ran passing through the Gunner’s back-line and finished it on the back of the net. 

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