Origi back to Anfield

Origi looking forward to Liverpool move

Although the young Belgian striker was signed last summer, will feel more like a brand new signing considering that he won’t actually until the end of the current season and Divock Origi is already asking all the right questions of his international team mate, Simon Mignolet.

Origi was a huge hit at the summer World Cup 10 months ago, keeping Everton’s own Romelu Lukaku out of the starting line up in a number of games for Belgium, and eventually prompting Liverpool to sign him.

Speaking in an exclusive interview for Liverpoolfc.com, Origi talked about the questions he’d asked:”Just some typical questions about the club, the atmosphere, how the club is doing and about the life in Liverpool because it’s a big change for me.

“Simon has helped me a lot and given me a lot of information about the city. He told me it’s a nice city and advised me on where you can live and the nice places to go. He told me he really likes it and feels at home there.”

Divock Origi

Origi hasn’t set the French top division alight this season in much the way Liverpool may have hoped when they gave Lille £10 million for the striker but he has still had his most productive season to date, scoring 8 goals in 39 games for a side that is, admittedly, having a fairly average season so far.

But Origi has already been informed by Mignolet of the atmosphere at Anfield on those special nights, when players can find themselves elevated to whole new levels of performance. He said: “He told me it is a special feeling, but that’s something I knew already.

“He told me before every game there is a fantastic atmosphere from the supporters and everybody at the club, which helps you to play even better. It makes me excited because it’s something I want to experience.”

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