Liverpool Scouting Three Major Players For Summer Transfer Amid TV Bonus – Report


It is no secret that Mario Gotze’s career has seemingly stalled at Bayern Munich since he moved to the club several seasons ago. The midfielder was on the trail of something great when he was a developing youngster at Borussia Dortmund and was at the helm of the manager’s plans but since moving to Bayern the German maestro has become just another squad player who has to do his time on the bench often. In this scenario it is being reported that the German World Cup winner is fed up of the same old routine and wishes to get his act together at some other club so that he can fulfill his potential as a player. Liverpool is hence the perfect place to be and Jurgen Klopp is the perfect manager to play under for Gotze due to the fact that there are few managers who understand Mario as well as Klopp does, they could possibly rekindle their history in the Premier League and it could certainly become a sight to behold for spectators.

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